Electric Cast Iron Radiator Benefits

Sarahlane iron radiator benefits

Electric Cast Iron Radiator Benefits

Cast iron radiators have been around for a long time, and were the original radiator type. More recent iterations of radiators are made of cheaper aluminium and steel. They certainly do have their place and are the best option for modern houses with gas fired central heating. Cast iron radiators on the other hand have real character and are a much better fit for period properties that need that extra polish. In the post below we highlight electric cast iron radiator benefits

Beautifully Efficient Heating

In recent years however cast iron radiators have had a renaissance as their stylish period charm has seen them reintroduced as an option for period and contemporary homes alike. Their elegant style coupled with their homely ambient heat has led to their revival as part of the traditional heating system. Now the next stage in their re-evolution is here and it is a game changing advancement in heating technology. The use of electricity to heat the cast iron radiator using smart and efficient technology opens the way for these beautiful radiators to come back in to the mainstream.

The result is a new category of radiators that are multifunctional, mobile and cheap to run. They are no longer utilities to be facilitated but are rather features that can really add to the character of the room.

What are cast iron radiators

As the name suggests, cast iron radiators are made from a traditional cast iron, a hard and brittle alloy of iron and carbon that can be easily cast in a mould. It contains a much higher proportion of carbon than steel. They are firm, heavy and magnificent conductors of heat which makes them such a great option for a heating system. Their high carbon content and their large surface area means they can hold heat for longer while delivering a higher output.

Cast iron radiators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Large rooms will need bigger radiators to heat them. Cast iron radiators are often used in old churches and you can see how big they can really get there

Electric Cast Iron Radiator Benefits

ElectriCast  cast iron radiators have a range of benefits over their modern counterparts, however the ability to work with a smart and efficient heating source is the advancement that really makes a difference when compared to the alternatives. Sarah Lane are distributors of ElectriCastcast iron radiators

Low Running Costs

Depending on the manufacturer, one of the primary benefits of using an ElectriCast  cast iron radiator is the exceptionally low running costs. ElectriCastare the leading manufacturer of low running cost electric cast iron radiators, with the ability to power a radiator for as little as 5c per hour. This low running cost is a radical change from the norm, and opens up many more possibilities for ElectriCastcast iron radiators. Sarah Lane are distributors of ElectriCastelectric cast iron radiators.


Free Heating with Green Energy inputs

What is better than low cost heating than free heating? When combined with a green energy or renewable energy source such as wind, solar, geothermal or similar a building could very easily generate heat with zero running cost. For example, a 1m square solar panel would generate enough power to run a single ElectriCastcast iron radiator. It is a small step from there, to provide enough renewable energy to heat an entire building and a major contributor if you want to make your property nearly zero energy building standard

Sarahlane iron radiator free energy

No Plumbing Required

One of the foremost benefits of the ElectriCastelectric cast iron radiator is the ability to place them where and where you need the without the need for mains plumbing bringing a hot water source to the radiator. This is hugely progressive as it removes a significant barrier to providing sufficient heat to all parts of a home. There is always an area of even the best designed home that is that little bit colder or just needs regular top up heat. Ordinarily the homeowner had two choices. They could either buy a cheaper electric heater, which wouldn’t blend very well with the surroundings or their could get a plumber in to dig into the floors or walls to run additional pipes.

Homes with underfloor heating or with sun room extensions most often will not even have the ability to carry out these plumbing works. Also considering the mess and disruption that laying new pipes in a building would involve, it is easy it see how attractive the option of installing an ElectriCastcast iron radiator would be. Simply pick your size and style, fix to the wall and plug in. Instant tasteful heating right where you need it


Fully controllable heating

Some manufacturers of electric cast iron radiators have incorporated a smart heating technology that allows you to set timers and thermostats. For example, ElectriCast cast iron radiator range allow you to set a timer to control on/off times as well as setting an ambient temperature so that the radiator will activate accordingly to keep the ambient air temperature at the desired setting. ElectriCastelectric cast iron radiators also provide a remote control so that the same settings can be applied across the heating network.

Sarahlane iron radiator controllable

Pimp your Rad

ElectriCastcast iron radiators typically come in a standard range of colours however it is possible to get it finished in whatever colour you like to blend in or enhance the area in which it is installed. They also come in a variety of styles, from contemporary modern to classic ornate styles. Their unique ability to blend in with modern or period styles makes them an easy addition to any room. They are more than a utility and can provide an enhancing feature and create added dimension for a room.

electric cats iron radiator customizable

A nicer kind of heat

Cast iron radiators provide a different kind of heat versus their modern equivalent. Steel or aluminium radiators heat up faster and provide a quick blast of heat, that dissipates very quickly once turned off. Cast iron radiators will take a little longer to reach temperature, however they will radiate an ambient heat over a much longer period of time. The carbon element of the cast iron allows heat to diffuse through the radiator more evenly, providing a gentle consistent heat.


Smaller Footprint

Cast iron radiators have a higher output than traditional radiators meaning it will take up less space than the modern aluminium or steel equivalent. Best practice of placing radiators in a central location means that this most important area of the room can now be heated using a device with a smaller footprint, leaving more space for the other things in the room.

Each room will have different requirements, depending on many factors including ceiling height, number of external windows, room size etc 

ElectriCastElectric Cast Iron Radiator Benefits

ElectriCast™ electric cast iron radiator technology open up many possibilities. While not being the answer to every buildings heating requirements, they do provide a very functional heating source, as well as looking fantastic. Large rooms, small rooms, hallways, sun rooms and even business locations can benefit from the use of ElectriCastcast iron radiator technology

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