About Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane are an authorised distributor of Electricast custom Cast Iron radiators.

Complement your beautiful home with hand made, custom made Cast Iron radiators which will endure for years.

We offer the enduring simplicity of yesteryear with the technologies and options for personalisation we take for granted today.  Our suppliers products combine classic forms with modern looks. Our suppliers use the latest materials and manufacturing processes to create bespoke, energy-efficient, and sustainable radiators. 

Electricast designers model for heat output and stress-test every product to ensure maximum performance. By using traditional fabrication and hybrid heating technology, we can create feature radiators that last for decades.  At Sarah Lane, we’re sourcing historical products repurposed for the 21st-Century, blending the best of the old with the spark of the new. More than just an appliance, cast iron electric radiators are an investment in your home.

Why choose a radiator from Sarah Lane?

 As a practical addition to the home décor toolbox, cast iron radiators offer something unique. They’re both a useful appliance and an aesthetic anchor that adds visual presence and character to any space.  Unlike central heating or standard panel heating units, cast iron radiators are quiet, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free.  You won’t need a flooring installer, plumber, or electrician. They plug into a standard wall socket and come in a range of sizes and configurations to fit just about any space, large or small.

Fashioned from traditional cast iron, they come in a range of colours and configurations to suit every room and taste. The cast iron radiators hybrid heating technology combines energy efficiency with a pleasant heat and low carbon footprint.  They’re finished with a bright enamel coating that won’t fade or wear. Our suppliers specialist process ensures a smooth, glossy finish that accentuates the robust construction and brings out any engraved elements.

Electric Cast iron radiators offer a perfect heating solution for those parts of your home that do not have plumbing installed and need that little extra heat.

Bespoke colours to suit your personal taste

You can choose from a varied palette of colours to make your radiators perfectly fit the décor of each room.  While other radiator supplier offer custom colouring, only Electricast radiators are finished with premium enamel paint for a vibrant and long-lasting finish that won’t fade or wear. Our  suppliers specialist process ensures a smooth, glossy coating that brings out the strong lines of the cast iron construction.  

Some manufacturers add colour with powder coatings prone to cracking, or use a polished finish requiring a lacquer coating. One is less durable. The other is time-consuming to apply and can make the radiators more expensive.

From our home to yours

Sarah Lane is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of cast iron electric radiators, and we sell to both individual shoppers and trade customers.  We take personal and professional pride in offering affordable, innovative heating solutions that last and supporting customers from purchase to installation and upkeep with excellent, knowledgeable service. 

Sarah Lane operates according to three fundamental principles:

1 – Offer customers innovation and bespoke services for affordable price

2 – Sell high-quality products that work simply and are made to last

3 – Provide personal, friendly, and responsive customer service

Everything we sell at Sarah Lane is backed by a 100 per cent money-back guarantee. We work day and night to source premium product ranges designed to exceed expectations. We’re confident about the quality of our suppliers craftsmanship and committed to making customers happy. 

If you aren’t satisfied, or something isn’t quite right with one of our cast iron radiators, we’ll fix it, replace it, or refund your money.