About Sarah Lane

About sarahlane

From mundane to magnificent

The lowly radiator, braced silently against the wall. It’s an integral part of most households. Yet when it comes to décor, radiators are often overlooked.  They keep us warm. They can also add something special.  In a world of disposable fashions, cast iron radiators are a reassuring reminder that there’s a place in our lives where tradition and solid craftmanship live on.  Maybe it’s time to take something mundane and make it magnificent.

Something old. Something new

At Sarah Lane we sell radiators that blend the best of the old with the spark of the new. They mix the enduring simplicity of yesteryear with the technologies and options for personalisation we take for granted today.  Fashioned from traditional cast iron and plugging into a standard wall socket, they come in various colours and configurations to suit every room and taste.

  • The Electricast Art Nouveau range adds decorative elements from the creative period that dominated British and American architecture in the early 20th The radiators’ solid vertical vars are embossed with sinuous organic forms that create a sense of dynamism and movement.
  • The Electricast Peerless range is a nod to the innovative British cabinet maker Peerless Cabinets, who pioneered affordable built-in kitchen designs in the 1930s. The radiators come in widths of 5, 8, or 10 vertical bars to accommodate different room sizes and configurations.

And above all else, our radiators make life easier.

  • They’re simple to move and re-position.
  • They don’t require plumbing or any specialist installation.
  • You can control them or set operating times using a handheld infrared remote.
  • And they can be customised to fit your décor with a variety of colours.

Unlike most brands, Electricast radiators are finished with enamel paint for a bright, durable coating that won’t fade or wear. The specialist process ensures a smooth, glossy finish that accentuates the robust cast iron construction.

Unnoticed and essential, all at once

It’s hard to imagine a period home without a radiator in every room. If they weren’t there — chances are you’d notice. Yet, in the excitement of a refurbishment, radiators tend to be overlooked.  That’s a missed opportunity for creating standout décor. The right radiator can make a small room seem more spacious or give a larger room added shape and contour.

They also add something you can’t buy from a showroom floor: authenticity.  Cast iron radiators were a symbol of innovation and modern convenience in Victorian households. Today they may seem old-fashioned, but making a move to cast iron doesn’t have to be a step back in time.  With modern design and fabrication, radiators can be a cost-efficient, sustainable, and fashionable option.  

From heating element to fashionable décor

Perhaps the quality that really makes cast iron radiators stand out is solidity. Their shaped, uniform columns give them presence and a sense of elegance that comes with simplicity.  That elevates them above standard household fixtures. They’re designed to be a practical appliance and fashionable furnishing ­— all in one.

With the range of sizes and colours available from sarahlane, they’re versatile enough to suit any room configuration. So whether you’re looking to add character to a minimalist space or adding the final touch to a traditional setting, they’re guaranteed to add something special.

The right supplier is essential

At Sarah Lane, we have selected cast iron radiators that look amazing and maximise available space. They also help control your installation and heating bills.  We’ve sought out materials and production methods to create radiators that hold the warmth and distribute it evenly over an extended period rather than blast a room with boiling heat.  And they’re built to fit in other ways. Every property has a charm and personality that deserves to be preserved. The cutting-edge look of today’s appliances and furnishings can clash with period interiors. That makes blending the two difficult.  sarahlane radiators seamlessly marry the old with the new, so you can balance traditional design features with the benefits new technologies can deliver.

Built to deliver. Built to last.

Cast iron – doesn’t the phrase radiate permanence and reliability?  It embodies a traditional way of creating things that are meant to last and last.  Our Cast iron radiators look solid because they are. Each column is ‘cast,’ meaning they’re made from molten iron poured into moulds where they harden into shape. Once the components have cooled, we apply a tough enamel layer to each section before bolting them together for a firm and seamless fit.  Once installed, they gradually heat the air in the room, building up to the desired temperature and then sustaining it for hours. As long as they aren’t blocked in by furniture or other barriers, sarahlane radiators transfer heat efficiently and comfortably.  As a practical addition to the home décor toolbox, cast iron radiators are hard to beat. They’re both a practical appliance and an aesthetic anchor that adds visual presence and character to any space.

About Sarah Lane

Our products are selected to combine classic forms with modern looks. Our suppliers use the latest materials and manufacturing processes to create radiators that are energy efficient and sustainable. Our suppliers model for heat output and stress-test every product to ensure maximum performance.  By blending time-honoured engineering principles with cutting-edge components, our suppliers can create feature radiators that last for decades. More than a heater, cast iron electric radiators are an investment in your home.

At Sarah Lane, we’re selecting historic products for the 21st Century.

Our guarantee

Everything we sell at Sarah Lane is backed by a 100 per cent money-back guarantee. We work with only the best manufacturers who build premium products designed to exceed expectations. We’re confident about the quality of our suppliers craftsmanship and committed to making customers happy.